Programmes & Projects

My ‘Strategy’ to deliver on My Agenda is to initiate Programmes and Projects that will crystallize these broad objectives.


Graduate Training & Internship Programme (GTIP)

  • Unemployment and under-employment is the major frustration of our young graduates. Both phenomenon is exacerbated  by inadequate ‘Ready-for-Industry’ education from the University and industry required training and skill.
  • Through our proposed Graduate Training & Internship Programme, we will provide Industry Required Certification for young graduate members and in collaboration with Alumni Business Owners, set-up a 6-12 months graduate internship scheme to expose them to the industry skills that will enrich their resume.
  • Selection of candidates will based on candidates record of participation at their local branches.
  • While this will create opportunity for the young graduates, the local branch participation criteria will provide ‘Stakeholder Benefit’ for young graduates in Alumni Activities and Programmes at the branch level.

Search & Find

  • The ‘Search & Find’ Programme will serve to document and profile the over 40,000 graduates of FUTO graduated since 1986.
  • This database will enable the Alumni Association provide linkages and connection between Alumnus, University and the industry where these distinguished Alumnus operate.

Alumni Research Grants

  • A number of Alumnae have taken a career in University Lecturing and many have progressed Professorial seats.
  • Recognizing their endeavor, the Alumni Association under my dispensation will institute an Alumni Research Grant that will be availed to Alumnus who are lecturers in any recognized University across the world.
  • The objective of this programme will be to encourage our members in the Academia to develop professionally while elevating learning and research, particularly in FUTO.

Lecturer/Student Awards

We will institute the following Annual Awards:

  • Alumni Best Lecturer Award
  • Alumni Fresherman Scholarship Award
  • Alumni Best Graduands’ Placement Award

Under my Presidency, the Alumni Association will undertake 3 major tangible projects (1 project annually). Projects will selected from project proposals from all Alumni members based on the following criteria:

  • Affordability
  • Sustainability
  • Impact ( measured impact on the 4 key stakeholders viz; Alumni, University, Lecturers & Students )