My Vision

My Vision for the Alumni Association is to steer and lead a virile association that is at the center of galvanizing the beneficial & mutual interest of every member by providing the platform for networking among members.

The Association will also be made to serve as a lever to engage the larger society and to provide support to the FUTO Community (University Administration, Faculty & Students) through project activities, engagements and policy advocacy.

My Agenda 

Broaden Participation:

Embracing change, we will provide robust platforms for member participation through multiple virtual and e-channels. A very functional e-commerce enabled website and  actively promoted social media channels will be deployed to deepen Alumni contact, interface and engagements.

We will provide support to branches to achieve membership growth and programme/events delivery.

We will launch a Digital Magazine focused on promoting Member profiles and achievement, businesses, University/Lecturer/Student Activities. Each edition will undertake a focused and incisive discussion of a contemporary topic in the context of the Alumni and the University.

To equally broaden and extend participation, we will continue the policy of consultation and engagement with critical stakeholders at all times to ensure inclusiveness in our decisions and actions.

We shall undertake a ‘Search & Find’ project to locate every graduate of FUTO from inception to date. We must account for everyone, DEAD or ALIVE!

Develop “Stakeholder” Benefits:

Our stakeholders are our MEMBERS, the University Administration, Lecturers and Students. What benefits will this Alumni deliver during my tenure to Members:

  • Excellent Networking opportunities for business and personal development.
  • Alumni assistance and support for members in terms of information and   engagements with the University.
  • Alumni-Only Investment opportunities in FUTO.
  • Access to research through Alumni- University Research Programme.

The Federal University of Technology, Owerri has produced over 40,000 graduates in different professional disciplines since 1986.

Over the last 30 years, this special breed of Nigerian graduates have made outstanding success of their education and training to become industry, business, political and even religious leaders. FUTO graduates are in several positions of authority, making life changing decisions in their environments and society, globally.

Whether they are now at the topmost echelon of their organization as CEOs/MDs/Chairman or they have become political leaders of high ranking, or the senior management in corporate Nigeria; we all share a common history, a common experience that sufficed for a minimum of 5 years. We all shared a common-styled education, training and environment.

Therefore, we all owe FUTO some goodwill and this is the time to Give Back! We will therefor:
  • Articulate our interests as a group and engage members that are well placed to support such interest.
  • Engage with the University authorities to influence policies and practices within the University that will enhance the image and ranking of the University, improve the quality of graduates and increase our graduate placements in the industry.
  • As a corporate body and as an elite pressure group, engage political authorities and institutions to provide support and intervention to the University.