Getting Me Elected as National President is

Getting Visionary Leadership

Time to steer and lead a virile association of FUTO Alumnae

Ndubuisi for National President

Executive Profile

Ndubuisi Chijioke is a Civil Engineering graduate of 1992 set from FUTO. He further obtained an MBA Oil & Gas  from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, United Kingdom. He has also attended several Executive Management Courses at the Lagos Business School, Lagos, Nigeria.
Ndubuisi for National President

Our Mission

The Association will be made to serve as a lever to engage the larger society and to provide support to the FUTO Community (University Administration, Faculty & Students) through project activities, engagements and policy advocacy.
Ndubuisi for National President

Join our Team

As the saying goes: “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it”. Therefore, we need your support as we set out to reposition the FUTO Alumni Association for the benefit of all.



11 678


21 534




My Agenda

Broaden Participation

Embracing change, we will provide robust platforms for member participation through multiple virtual and e-channels. A very functional e-commerce enabled website and actively promoted social media channels will be deployed to deepen Alumni contacts, interface and engagements.

Develop Stakeholder Interests

Our stakeholders are our MEMBERS, the University Administration, Lecturers and Students.What benefits will these Alumni deliver during my tenor to Members?

  • Excellent Networking opportunities for business and personal development.
  • Alumni assistance and support for members in terms of information and engagements with the University.
  • Alumni-Only Investment opportunities in FUTO.
  • Access to research through Alumni- University Research Programme.


Therefore, we all owe FUTO some goodwill and this is the time to GIVE Back!

We will:

  • Articulate our interests as a group and engage members that are well placed to support such interest.
  • Engage with the University authorities to influence policies and practices within the University that will enhance the image and ranking of the University, improve the quality of graduates and increase our graduate placements in the industry.
  • As a corporate body and as an elite pressure group, engage political authorities and institutions to provide support and intervention to the University.

Why Choose My Candidature?

  • Undertake tangible Project activities
  • Promote Industry-University Linkages.
  • Source for University Endowments through highly placed members.
  • Promote and support Industry-specific research works at University.
  • Galvanize distinguished Alumnus to be part-time members of the University Faculty on voluntary basis.
  • The University lecturers remain the essential DNA in every FUTO graduate
  • The Alumni Association will collaborate with the University to
  • Improve their work experiences while doing this onerous and very important work
  • Support lecturer professional development programmes
  • Instigate an Alumni Recognition/Award Scheme for Lecturers

The Alumni Association during my tenure will work very actively to engage and deliver benefits to this very important stakeholder. This early engagement will also serve as a veritable tool for their early recruitment to Alumni activities and experience. Some of the planned engagement activities include:

  • Expand and structure the Alumni Mentorship Programme to be more sustainable.
  • Provide a veritable platform through the Alumni Website for students to seek Industrial attachment and Graduate Internship positions with Alumni business owners.
  • Institute Student Awards/Scholarships.
  • Promote Alumni Investments/Projects that directly benefit students

Contact Me

Phone: 0805 6360 145
Whatsapp: 0902 2531 7451
PO Box 7246
Rivers State, Nigeria